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Co-Creation and Co-Production

Here are some examples of projects which have been funded under this strand of the Fusion Investment Fund:

The Poole and Purbeck Portal

The Poole and Purbeck Portal is an inter-school collaboration between the School of Applied Sciences, The Media School and the National Centre for Computer Animation.

The Portal launched in April 2013 and showcases excellence in research from both our academics, and our students, further cementing BU's leadership in the region. The Portal engages with key stakeholders and the local community to provide the answers to the big questions about the region's rich natural environment, heritage and future.

Our second year media students were recruited to design and build the website and local businesses were commissioned to create a film-integrated animation promotional video, opening up cross collaborative streams across the University.

Centre for Face Processing Disorders at BU

Dr Sarah Bate from the Psychology Research Centre was awarded funds to develop a Centre for Face Processing Disorders at BU.

Sarah's work explored the cognitive presentation and treatment of face processing deficits in adults and children with a range of neuropsychological conditions, such as developmental or acquired prosopagnosia (face blindness), autistic spectrum disorder, and Moebius syndrome.

The initiative was launched in response to the large amount of media attention generated by Sarah's research. After Sarah's work was featured in The Guardian newspaper and in a BBC One documentary last year, she was contacted by over 700 people who believed they had prosopagnosia and wanted to participate in her research. Sarah now had the unique opportunity to develop large-scale academic and societal impact by having the resources to test this large patient group.

More information about this project can be found here: