Bournemouth University


The most stimulating, challenging and rewarding
university experience, in a world-class learning community

1 Deliver an outstanding and personalised student experience

We are passionate about making our students delighted with BU. We will put them first by understanding their real needs, treating them as individuals and providing clear information, advice and support. We will aim to offer the highest level of satisfaction at any university, delivering an unbeatable combination of academic experience and extra-curricular activities.

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2 Create a world-class learning community

Our fusion of research, education and professional practice will contain a worldwide network of researchers and become internationally-recognised as a world-class learning community, enriching the world. We will be the destination of choice for ambitious and talented staff, students and visiting scholars striving for academic excellence in everything they do. We will constantly evolve the skills base of our staff and students, ensuring that they stay ahead of the curve in developing and fusing research, education and professional practice.

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3 Develop strategic local, regional, national and international partnerships

We will engage in strategic partnerships locally, regionally, nationally and internationally and will build a global network of high quality academic and professional partners that reflect key areas of academic and professional strength.

Working with local and regional partners will ensure that we play an important and responsible role in our community. Working on a national and international basis will make BU an increasingly global community, focusing on high quality academic partnerships with like-minded institutions in key countries around the world.

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4 Build strong professional and academic networks worldwide

We will be at the heart of global networks of students, alumni, academics and professional bodies working in partnership across the world in pursuit of research and educational excellence that makes a difference.

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5 Ensure our graduates are culturally aware and internationally mobile by embedding the globalisation agenda within our student experience

With a continual sharing of ideas, cultures and knowledge our staff, students and alumni will gain a global perspective and participate as global citizens in addressing societal challenges and shaping society.

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