Bournemouth University


We will uphold these values and
encourage them in others

1 Excellence

  • Ensuring high academic standards and quality
  • Celebrating the joy of discovery in everything we do
  • Recognising the international importance of our work
  • Constantly seeking to fulfil the highest ambitions

2 Achievement

  • Rewarding and celebrating success
  • Valuing ourselves as individuals and the diversity of others
  • Supporting people and developing skills
  • Inspiring confidence and pride in BU

3 Authenticity

  • Remaining true to our vision of excellence
  • Being open and transparent
  • Showing integrity and professionalism at all times
  • Taking ownership and being courageous in our decisions

4 Creativity

  • Welcoming opportunities to learn from other cultures and societies
  • Encouraging innovative and creative thinking
  • Inspiring thought-leadership and new approaches
  • Cultivating academic enquiry and an entrepreneurial spirit

5 Responsibility

  • Embracing change positively and creatively
  • Increasing diversity, equality, inclusivity and internationalisation
  • Ensuring commitment to sustainable development and improving our environment
  • Acting ethically and responsibly for the greater good