Bournemouth University


Our students, graduates and staff to enrich the world

1 Prepare students for flexible futures with skills to meet the changing demands of the workplace

Our exceptional engagement with the professions will mean continuous benchmarking of the skills needed by employers to reflect the changing demands of the workplace, and our graduates will leave with a broad understanding of key business principles.

Our graduates will continue to form part of the BU Community through their commitment to lifelong learning. They will have integrity and be grounded within a culture of good professional practice and social responsibility.

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2 Build personal professional development opportunities into all programmes

We will equip our students with the professional skills and knowledge needed to be successful in the workplace and for lifelong learning. Personal professional development will be part of every student's degree programme and will continue through their career after leaving BU.

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3 Create highly sought after employable graduates known for their intellectual rigour, critical thinking, professionalism & resilience

At BU, our students will develop high-level graduate skills such as analysis, research, reflection, and lifelong learning, alongside professional abilities and attributes. At the point of graduation, our students will not only be employable but will also make a positive addition to the workforce through their intellectual rigour, critical thinking, professionalism and resilience.

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4 Support and inspire staff to realise their full potential

We will support our staff on the challenge of delivering our Vision and Values, and will encourage them to fulfil their full potential in doing so. Our high-performing professional service teams will work collaboratively, imaginatively and proactively to lay the foundations for students and staff to achieve extraordinary things. They will win recognition for this within the HE sector and beyond. The services delivered will be highly focused and relevant; valued for their quality, efficiency, the expertise and professionalism of the staff involved and their willingness to listen, learn and evolve. A key enabler for this is the fusion investment fund.

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5 Inspire our staff and students to enrich the world

We recognise the importance and impact of education on society, and contributions by both staff and students will help meet societal needs and support societal development. We will ensure that authenticity, and environmental and social responsibility, underpin all that we do and we will use our research, research services and our work with industry to shape policy and practice.

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