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BU Global Horizons

The BU Global Horizons Fund offers students an amazing opportunity to apply for funding to finance a meaningful international activity of their choice during their studies at BU. It’s what makes BU such a special place for students and staff alike.

Below are some of the success stories.

"The community challenge in Ghana hugely changed my outlook on materialistic things that we, in the UK, are lucky enough to take for granted. Through integrating ourselves within the local community of Nsuta, where the school and nursery that we renovated were situated, it allowed me to recognise how culturally different Ghana is to what I am used to at home. The Global Horizons funding - £750 - gave me the experience of a lifetime, by ensuring I could afford the costly preparation that is needed to travel to such an amazing country and it has been an invaluable experience for me, but more importantly, it has allowed me to leave some incredible children with the gift of a better education."

Rosanna Buckland, BSc (Hons) Marketing student

"I wanted to visit Kosovo to create an engaging, original and compelling piece of multimedia journalism for my final project at university, but also to boost my career prospects. In Kosovo, there remain ethnic tensions since the 1999 war and the 2008 declaration of independence, and I have been investigating these further. Without this funding - £1,450 - I simply would not have been able to participate in this life-changing project. I think this trip has completed me on my road to becoming a journalist dealing with international affairs, and this year at university simply wouldn't have been the same without it."

Joshua Longmore, MA Multimedia Journalism student

"I wouldn’t have been able to go on a work placement to Madagascar if it wasn't for the funding - £2,000 - it influenced my trip as it allowed me to choose a more exotic location and, as Madagascar is a significantly diverse country with many endemic species most of which are undiscovered, the experience will help my degree and my understnding of ecology and wildlife conservation. I passed on the application process due to my previous volunteer experience and VHF telemetry receiver training, and I will learn a lot about surveying techniques and methods of collecting data. Through my degree I've learnt how to use geographical information systems, which is software vital for answering geographical questions, and now I'm tasked with using in the field so we can collate data and analyse it efficiently."

Macy Edwards, BSc (Hons), Ecology and Wildlife Conservation student

"The BU Global Horizons Fund has enabled me to undertake an adventure of a lifetime by providing £1,500 funding to facilitate midwifery in a third world country for two weeks during my elective. The funding has supported me in paying for my flights as well as contributing to supporting work on the ground that will help to save many maternal and neonatal lives."

Emily Wooler, BSc (Hons) Midwifery student