Bournemouth University


Our unique fusion of excellent education, research
and professional practice

1 Fuse research, education and practice to create a unique academic experience where the sum is greater than the component parts

We will create and share knowledge through research and entrepreneurial activity and fully embed them into our programmes to enhance the student experience. Our students will be able to develop and co-create research ideas with staff through their education experience. Our programmes and initiatives will be driven by both academic research and the application of professional practice, creating content relevant to the market which will include problem-based and peer-assisted learning.

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2 As part of that fusion, undertake world-class research in recognised areas of academic excellence

We have identified key areas of outstanding, or emerging, research. We will support all our academics to engage in research, creating an international research community recognised for its societal impact.

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3 Through our fusion we will offer exceptional levels of relevant real-world learning opportunities and work placements

We will engage with the professions at an exceptional level. Programmes will be grounded by strong opportunities for applying experience in professional practice and further opportunities to engage in real-life entrepreneurship and innovation. Our programmes will be characterised by work placements and recognised and underpinned by professional accreditation wherever appropriate.

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4 Our fusion will deliver inspirational teaching using the latest technology in world-class facilities

Our first-class teaching will be based on best practice in the sector and we will highlight and use the latest approaches, innovations and technology. We will have world-class facilities to equip students and staff with the skills and experience that they need for today's professions.

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5 Be recognised internationally as a thought-leader through our research, education and practice in key areas of strength

We will focus on real-world problem solving and will be a major regional strategic resource with national and international credibility. Our academics are experts in their profession, and leading members of professional bodies, advisory committees and organisations, capable of informing and influencing the development of regional, national and international policy. Our contributions to shaping and developing policy will lead to international recognition as thought-leaders in our areas of greatest strength.

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