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BU at the Olympics

From camera crew to sound recordists, athlete escorts to medal carriers, BU students played a full and varied part in the London 2012 Olympics.

For all of them, it was an experience they will never forget - and has helped raise the profile of Bournemouth University's talented student population still further.

A bolt from the BU!

BU student Rob Grieve had to be on his toes to keep up with the fastest man on the planet as he helped film Usain Bolt – but he got a 'high five' with the superstar athlete for his trouble!

A BA (Hons) Television Production student, Rob worked as a camera assistant during the athletics, medal ceremonies and opening ceremony, so found himself in the thick of the action most of the time.

"We followed Usain on his laps of honour after his 100m and 4x100m wins, and I did get to high five him and Johan Blake, and also shake Blake's hand on another occasion, " said Rob.

"I also got to say good luck to Mo Farah as we were filming his entrance into the stadium for the 10,000m - with Jess Ennis in the background on her lap of honour!

In fact Rob was often in the right place at the right time during London 2012. He was just yards away from the torch bearers as the cauldron was lit and was right in the middle of the athletes during the opening ceremony.

"It is a summer I will quite simply never forget"

A pool's eye view for Ben

When Ben Cornish was among the BU students chosen to be part of the Olympic Broadcasting Service team at the Aquatic Centre for the swimming events, he thought his role would be camera operator's assistant.

But then he got a surprise.

"Whilst filming, I was asked if I would like to be a camera operator, rather than an assistant," said Ben. "I was given a job as camera operator in the press conference area, but then the director for the swimming events needed another operator for his underwater robotic camera called 'the periscope.' Ben's footage was used in all broadcasts of the swimming, on some occasions more than a couple of times per show.

"Not long ago I watched a television programme on the BBC about the medal winners and for the Michael Phelps part, the BBC re-used the periscope camera footage I shot which was just simply amazing," Ben added.

A sound choice for Ugne

Ugne Ciesiunaite was one of a number of lucky BU students selected by the Olympic Broadcasting Service to bring the London 2012 Games to a worldwide TV audience.

Ugne - who is studying a BA (Hons) in Television Production - was part of the sound team responsible for providing field of play sound at the equestrian events, which included the arena for show-jumping and dressage, and the cross country track (approximately 6km long).

For the cross country events they had to prepare the track, which included rigging nearly 90 microphones which were all earmarked on a plan, but often had to be adapted on the spot.

The hard work paid off.

"The distributors said that the sound for equestrian events was better than they've heard in a really long time! It was great, knowing that I contributed to something of such high standard, and at the biggest sporting event on the planet too," said Ugne.