Bournemouth University


At the heart of BU 2018 is the powerful fusion of research,
education and professional practice, creating a unique academic
experience where the sum is greater than the component parts

Introduction From the Vice-Chancellor

Vice-Chancellor, Professor John Vinney explains the concept of fusion as central to enhancing BU's student experience.

Our Fusion Investment Fund provides fantastic opportunities for BU staff to apply for an allowance to support a range of practical initiatives where research, education and professional practice all inform each other. This unique combination is at the very heart of what we do at BU and we believe that the best lecturers are those who are not only engaged in research that can change the world around them, but are also working with businesses in their area of specialism and our students, who are able to develop and co-create research ideas with staff. The Fund assists with launching projects and activities which contribute to the wider BU vision of creating a worldwide network of researchers who are internationally-recognised as part of a world-class learning community, enriching the world.

There are two strands of the Fusion Investment Fund:

1 Co-Creation and Co-Production

The Co-creation and Co-Production strand supports activities that include staff and student participation in co-production and co-creation, business and industry engagement or network creation, student and/or public engagement, multidisciplinary research and professional practice projects involving collaboration of one or more research areas.

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2 Staff Mobility and Networking

The Staff Mobility & Networking strand provides funds for staff UK or overseas travel and subsistence and for inviting academics and professionals to BU. A proportion of this fund is set aside specifically to support mobility for early career academics (in first 5 years of their career).

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