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Our people and how they collaborate

Perhaps the best and most tangible example of Fusion and our commitment to the principles of Creating, Sharing and Inspiring is demonstrated in the collaborative work between staff and students.

It's what makes BU such a special place for students and staff alike.

Co-creation is at the heart of the BU experience and the following projects demonstrate just how successful student and staff collaboration can be.

The School of Applied Sciences / The Business School

A prime example of inter-academic School collaboration, Tilak Ginige (Senior Environmental Law Lecturer) and Frazer Ball (Senior Lecturer - Accounting) worked with student Catherine Caine (BA – Business Studies) on the paper 'Nuclear Power: Ecologically sustainable or energy hot potato? It is being published in a forthcoming issue of the International Journal of Liability and Scientific Enquiry, 2012 Vol. 5.

"I thoroughly enjoyed working collaboratively with Tilak and Fraser at Bournemouth University. As an undergraduate student at the time, I gained an enormous amount of knowledge from a legal, scientific and business background, as well as an insight into how papers can be written between multiple academics."

Catherine Caine

The School of Tourism

In the School of Tourism, Caroline Jackson and Miguel Moital worked with Arjun Bahl (MSc Events Management) – on a paper entitled 'Event sponsorship by alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks businesses in India'. The originality of the study is that it emphasises that by understanding how clients make decisions (i.e. sponsors), sellers of sponsorship (i.e. the sponsored) will be in a better position to win over competition and secure the desired sponsorship deals.

"What started out as a naive attempt to write a dissertation ended up with it being published in a leading hospitality management journal, thanks to my personal tutor Dr Miguel Moital, who polished up my rough draft to the piece of work it is today. Both he and my Course Director Caroline Jackson were always extremely attentive and helpful and working with a mentor changed everything about the experience."

Arjun Bahl

The Business School

Dean of the Business School Roger Palmer worked collaboratively with MBA student Ilian Mikov on a paper titled 'The role of Socio-Linguistics in the context of personal interaction'. The paper considers the use of English as a second language and as part of business culture, and how it influences the ability of people to communicate and connect. It was presented at the 28th Industrial Marketing and Purchasing Conference in Rome.

"Prof Roger Palmer was a great mentor, and his help in developing and refining my idea was invaluable. I was inspired by both his help and by being able to share my captivating idea with like-minded professionals. Ultimately, it was also great to leave a little spec of history in the process."

Ilian Mikov

Isaac Ngugi, a Lecturer in Marketing, who joined the BU staff after graduating with a BU PHD in marketing last year, worked collaboratively with Hannah Leach (Ba Hons Business Studies) on a research article entitled 'Engaging consumers through social media websites.' Developed from Hannah's final dissertation, it was published in May 2012 in Computing and Information Systems Journal, Volume 16, pages 5 – 20.

"Collaborating with Isaac opened up the opportunity for me to publish my research project as he brought a fresh set of eyes to the project, using hisknowledge and experience to substantially improve the final paper. It was a great experience, one I think as many students as possible should be encouraged to get involved with in their final year of study."

Hannah Leach

The Media School

Lecturer became student as Richard Berger (Associate Professor and Head of Postgraduate Research at the Centre for Excellence in Media Practice (CEMP) collaborated with students Madeleine Saunders and Rachael Reynolds (BA English) – on the 'Digital Transformations' project which focussed on a videogame called LA Noire and also considered how games of this type are still largely ignored in education as 'textual subjects'.

"Participating in the Digital Transformations project was both refreshing and stimulating, particularly the role reversal of teaching a familiar lecturer to play a video game, LA Noire."

Madeleine Saunders

"Having the opportunity to mix up the roles of student and teacher took everyone out of their comfort zones! Having looked through the final results of the study, I'm really proud to have been a part of it."

Rachael Reynolds